The Evolution of Rocket & Bounce
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Time for another trip down memory lane, with a behind-the-scenes look at the design evolution of Rocket & Bounce.

Once upon a time the super siblings were in fact a single super hero. Despite ending up as the younger character in the comics, Bounce was created first. I really enjoy the idea of the young, adventurous hero but had never really manage to create one I felt strongly about. That changed with Bounce and I thought she’d be a good solo character. But I’m also a fan of superhero teams and the more I thought about it the more I realized there were a lot of fun possibilities with a sibling team. So Rocket was created as the compliment to Bounce.

Here’s where it started…logo ideas, costumes, hairstyles…


More Bounce costumes and hairstyles. Still no Rocket. And I still kind of dig those shorts.


There’s Rocket! …and some other stuff.


Using a random body template to try and figure out some costume details. Bounce was about right. Rocket still needed work.


Bounce and her anime hair… Almost there…


Aaaaaaand the final looks. More unified designs to show they’re a team, but each get some distinct elements.


And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed this look at the design of Rocket and Bounce!

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We’ve got more bonus content for you. See how the super siblings came to be, with a behind the scenes look at the evolution of Rocket & Bounce. Hope you like it.